the People

Faja Lobi plays the role of stabilizer, facilitator and networker to empower the local population.

We employ local people to achieve our goals. This is a huge difference compared to other NGO's, who often employ and pay Western people to realize their projects. Currently 580 local employees are cooperating in the reforestation project. Almost 80% of Faja Lobi's budget is intended to contribute to the well-being of it's workforce. This includes paying salaries, providing meals and supporting local youngsters by funding their tuition fees. Providing support to the local community is one of the most fundamental values of the organization. Tractors and other machines are consciously beeing excluded with the purpose to provide for as much people as possible. Furthermore, the organization helps with the cost and planning of vital accomodation. This way, Faja Lobi initiated the construction of a hospital, a cyber cafe, a carpentry and a local restaurant.

Jurgen Heytens - Founder